Jaejoong’s background vocal extracted from 12:34 (Nothing Better)


I was so into editing audio by Goldwave…and then I /discovered/ Jaejoong’s voice in the background harmonies of this song 12:32 @__@ yeah, I extracted Jaejoong’s voice only ^^’

[mp3 DL]  mix of Jaejoong’s background vocal + one of Jaejoong’s parts in 12:34

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[POLL + SPAZZ] 150410 Battle of the K-Pop Fashionistas – #1 Kim Jaejoong

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If you search online for the definition of a fashionista, you will generally find something like “a person who obsessively follows trends in the fashion industry and strives continually to adopt the latest fashions.” If you ask a true fashionista though, they will tell you they seek to set trends, not follow them. While K-pop is definitely full of lovers of fashion, there are a few specific idols who have earned themselves the title of “fashionista.” Their looks range from classic to crazy, but which one is best? You decide in“VOTE: Battle of the K-Pop Fashionistas.”


Although there are more fashion-lovers out there in the world of K-pop, these are some of the ones who are known as true fashionistas. Which one has the best style? Which one is your favorite? You can choose up to three people, so cast your vote below!1

Credit: Soompi

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[SPAZZ] K-Pop Fashionista…

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[NEWS] 150409 “The Girl Who Sees Smells” Tops the Drama Charts in China


 photo girl-who-sees-smells.jpg

The new SBS drama “The Girl Who Sees Smells” is riding the Korean wave throughout Asia, and particularly building up a large fan base in China.

The drama tells the story of a girl who gains the ability to see scents in the air (played by Shin Se Kyung), and a detective who is unable to feel anything at all (played by JYJ‘s Park Yoo Chun). It’s a mixture of genres, with elements of romantic comedy and a lot of mystery and suspense.

After its first episode was aired, “The Girl Who Sees Smells” became the highest ranking drama on major portal sites in China. By April 8, before the third episode was aired, the first two episodes had already been watched over 200 million times on the Chinese site Weibo and had received just shy of 500,000 comments from fans!

Credit: Soompi
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[INFO] Countdown application for Jaejoong’s comeback & how to apply to your lock screen

<iframe width=”800″ height=”430″ src=”//fncd.net/embed?id=YLAOmoV” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen>

~♥~ Jaejoong Arab Fans ~♥~

N.B~ This is for android phones.

This tutorial is with a ‘Samsung’ mobile. If you have another mobile, plz search for these settings and try applying them 🙂

1st: Download ‘Final Countdown’ application 😀


2nd: Follow these steps


3rd: Go back to your lock screen, press and hold the upper part then swipe until this appears to you~


4th: Press on it and add the widget of the countdown 😉


[VIDEO] Tutorial of how to apply the widget to your lock screen~

Also, you can download another countdown application called ‘Dreamdays’, but this doesnt show on your lock screen ❤


Thank you ^_^


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[PICS] 140328 Kim Jaejoong left little notes and his autograph at a pojangmacha

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[JYJ3 Note: Pojangmacha is typically small tented restaurants on wheels or street stalls; can be best described as “outside tent-restaurant”]

[INFO] The restaurant is 쪼가리포차(/Jjogalipocha {trans: tented restaurant A Scrap}) in Sinnonhyeon-dongIMG_9715

Oh the heavensIMG_9716

I’ll defend at any costIMG_9717

The seat where Jaejoongie sat!
Fan: [He] went to the army 4 days ago..ㅠㅠ4


Credit: Betheone_jj
Trans & Shared by: JYJ3

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02APRIL2015 [OTHER SNS] Kim Suk Jin & Kim Su Young Updates About Kim Jaejoong

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[TRANS] The best gift for Jaejoong-ah that I showed to Jaejoongie at home the day before he went into the army. And the fans will always protect you. Our youngest will do well. Nuna also won’t cry right now and will wait for you with a healthy, manly image.

Love you and miss you.♡


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Kim Su Young Kakao Talk Display Pic:


Source: @kkjj4, shie486 KKT
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
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