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I am looking for and finding clues on Junsu Xia’s outfit on the Jacket of 11AM Single

Looking at the images attached, in my opinion these Novice monks’ costume strike quite a resemblance to Xia’s costume for the 11AM Single Jacket.

I did a bit of research and found the following story:

“This is the celebration of novice ordination with the Thai Yai tribe people hold to be a highly meritorious occasion. Offerings for monks are carried through the town in a gala procession. The Sang Long procession paraded from Thapae gate to Wat Pa Pao. The ceremony goes on for three days, as the boys (dressed up like princes in imitation of the Lord Buddha, who was himself a prince before setting out on the religious path) spend the entire time being carried around on the shoulders of their older male relatives.”
Picture of young boy, and note by: Jeff Hennig/Photographer blogger at

Buy Xia’s music on iTunes at this Link:

Speed Drawing – Xia Junsu (시아준수) 11 AM (11시)


Xia Junsu – 11AM – Piano Sheets

Joyce Leong Joyce Leong·

Junsu with Les Misérables at The Musical Awards Ceremony 2012

더 뮤지컬 어워즈 레미제라블 – One day more 김준수

4/6/12 Fan Cam

xiahthetod by xiahthetod·


Cosette (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Xia Junsu as Tod (Death) in Elizabeth The Musical

더뮤지컬어워즈(The Musical Awards)JYJ 김준수 엘리자벳 마지막춤 축하공연

4/6/12 Fan Cam


dmzd6 dmzd6


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