[NEWS] 150409 “The Girl Who Sees Smells” Tops the Drama Charts in China


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The new SBS drama “The Girl Who Sees Smells” is riding the Korean wave throughout Asia, and particularly building up a large fan base in China.

The drama tells the story of a girl who gains the ability to see scents in the air (played by Shin Se Kyung), and a detective who is unable to feel anything at all (played by JYJ‘s Park Yoo Chun). It’s a mixture of genres, with elements of romantic comedy and a lot of mystery and suspense.

After its first episode was aired, “The Girl Who Sees Smells” became the highest ranking drama on major portal sites in China. By April 8, before the third episode was aired, the first two episodes had already been watched over 200 million times on the Chinese site Weibo and had received just shy of 500,000 comments from fans!

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130802 Jaejoong Tweeted…


@bornfreeonekiss tweeted at 7:54 AM:

LoVE&FREE – Even though it is your expression of true love but it is too long, the loved one may misunderstand it as “sermon” or “convince”. I think the language of the biggest happiness given by the world is “Thank You”. Today, try to say it to the people around you.


Content of the picture (book ‘Love & Free’):

There’s a time when we are happy just by someone’s word.
There’s a person whose life is changed by someone’s word.
There’s a person who lives his/her life depending on someone’s word.

Express love in your every word to your loved one.

Although it’s very hard,
it may be the simplest yet a way of expression of the biggest goodness.


@bornfreeonekiss tweeted at 7:56 AM:
I don’t express this much at ordinary times, but I always “Thank You”.


and then Jaejoong changed his DP.


(11:35 AM) People say the…

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Niddy Buckner shares Picture with C-JeS and Automatic

imageNiddy Shares a picture via Instagram with @BruceAutomatic and C-JeS executives, during last 2012 Xia’s Asia tour (Notice the badge)… Niddy expresses joy and gratefulness for having met JYJ. http://instagram.com/p/X6MIm_jVL8/ … On his Facebook account the same picture is shared, where he expresses his emotion openly about working with JYJ.