First Hologram Protest in History Held Against Spain’s Gag Law


Spanish citizens held the first hologram protest in history in order to protest without violating the new draconian guidelines of the National Security Act, the new amendments to the Penal Code and the Anti-terror law.

According to the recently approved “triad gag“, the citizens of Spain cannot protest against the Congress or hold meetings in public spaces, plus they have to ask permission from the authorities whenever they wish to protest publicly.

“If you are a person you can not express yourself freely, you can only do that here if you become a hologram,” says a woman in the video released by the movement “Hologramas para la Libertad.”

On the movement’s website citizens were invited to participate by writing a text message, leaving a recorded voice message, or converting themselves into a hologram by recording a video via webcam.

Image of some key points on the Ley Mordaza.

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Chinese illustrator sends Marvel’s Avengers to the Far East and across the sea


Many fans exercise their imagination and expand the possibilities of their fandoms with crossover fan art. We’ve seen some fantastic illustrations experimenting with art styles as well, re-imagining Game of Thrones characters in Disney animation style, and some of our favorite fairy tales revamped with a Korean twist.

Speaking of which, check out this East-meets-West mashup depicting the superheroes from the Marvel franchise as the Eight Immortals of Chinese mythology!

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VIDEO: Angry Dennis Rodman, Diplomat To North Korea, Calls Obama And Hillary ‘A**holes’

“Dennis Rodman, fresh from visiting his best friend Kim Jong Un in North Korea, had an angry exchange with members of the media when asked about Kenneth Bae, the imprisoned American missionary.

After being pressed about whether he talked to Kim about it, Rodman angrily shouted, “Ask Obama about that! Ask Hillary! Ask those a**holes!”

Minutes later, he called Kim Jong Un his friend. Quite a contrast!

It looks like “the worm” won’t even try to help Ken Bae gain his freedom from the “Hermit Kingdom.”

In both reports by CNN and Reuters, Rodman’s expletive is obscured. In the CNN official video, the reporter’s voice over begins as he starts yelling, and in Reuters’ video they quickly cut away right as he launches into the insults.

The video posted above is the raw footage posted on CNN’s youtube channel.”

So what’s the point of obscuring the slur? To protect their idols?

Syria’s Assad Regime Prepares for an American Assault


In Syria, anti-aircraft missiles are at the ready. Army battalions have been broken up and relocated from barracks to university dorms and sensitive materiel has been moved to the basements of private residences. As U.S. President Barack Obama courts Congressional approval for a proposed attack on Syrian security installations in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons, the regime is responding with defensive measures that could change the face of the war, according to rebel commanders and witnesses inside the country.

As the UN refugee agency announces its two millionth refugee to flee across Syria’s border to the relative safety of exile Tuesday morning, it is looking increasingly unlikely that the estimated seven million Syrians, or one third of the population, that have been forced from their homes by more than two years of war will return anytime soon. Syrian President Bashar Assad has turned the delay in…

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“Do you know Gangnam Style?” Controversy ensues online over the promotion of South Korean culture


It was amazing how Gangnam Style and PSY’s brand of comedic dance music spread through our hearts making him a household name globally. Well, maybe not Japan for some reason, but everyone else couldn’t get enough of the chubby rapper and his horse dance.

It was a pop culture phenomenon that Korea could be proud for putting out, which leads us to the ongoing debate between Korean net users: How proud should a country be of its culture?

Currently there is a movement on the internet in Korea telling people to stop asking foreigners if they know who PSY is or if they’re aware of kimchi at every possible moment and just have faith that people abroad are aware and like Korean culture.

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Cook rice inside your car with the new Takeru-kun


CR 1

In the never-ending debate about which country makes the best cars, it’s common to derogatorily refer to a Japanese automobile as a “rice rocket,” “rice burner,” or “rice runner.” Really anything with rice.

But with a new product from Saitama-based company JPN, you can own that insult, and turn it into a positive.

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