About Victoria

imageI like blogging about world stuff I like… I also like blogging about myself, and the things I have experienced, and my quest to understand humans, I do have a yearning to experience other dimensions… I have, and I wish to express I remember the future, yes the future (not a typo).

My two cents of wisdom: There is no right or wrong on the subject of life (except hurting or killing anyone or anything).

When you hurt someone or something, whether on purpose or unknowingly, you actually hurt your self because Life was given to us so that we can contribute to life… To construct, to build, to create more life; working against that basic rule of existence (even just writing negatively) hinders our purpose for living, and worst, it creates a feeling inside of you, a feeling of ingrained guilt, compared to the feelings a drug addict or chemical dependent develops during the phase of hangover or withdrawals… Ugly, negative feelings which  you do not ponder on, you just feel, and which as you allow them to feed on, they grow… For no just nor constructive purpose…  We are co-creators in this Universe let’s stop hurting ourselves.

I exhort you to Live life, share what you love. Drop what you don’t. Contaminate your being with your laughter. Search and share that of what makes you vibrate. The joy of making someone smile is that one thing only compared to being a baby, just being, experiencing, integrating… Evolving.  Try watching cartoons first thing in the morning, just like when you were a kid… Share ! … What are you waiting for ?  Start blogging!


3 thoughts on “About Victoria

    • Thank you for your comment, I love your blog… Fotography surely is a fine art capturing instants in time, making a reality for all who can appreciate it. Congrats 🙂


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