Beautiful Chinese boy “traps” the hearts of Korean netizens 【Photos】


Dear Internet, it’s getting increasingly difficult to believe in the things you show us day by day. These days, we can barely look at online images of cute girls without having to wonder, is she really a girl? We’ve been had by these “traps” one too many times. There’s even a saying trending amongst Korean netizens: “She’s so incredibly cute, she must be a guy“. Well, this effeminate young Chinese man just proved that saying right! More pictures after the jump!

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Did this guy really get his girlfriend to gain 40kg before asking her to marry him?



The Internet is full of stories, some true and some false. Some tales are so bizarre that we’re not sure which end of the spectrum they lie on, such as this one, in which a man in China allegedly met a girl, fell in love, and then got her to nearly double her body weight through massive amounts of food.

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Kyoto restaurant only sells one dish, features mannequins and gets rave reviews!



In a country filled with countless ramen, udon and sushi restaurants, it can be very difficult to choose. Which one is the most delicious? The most interesting? How do you find the restaurant where you can understand everything on the menu?

If you’re in Kyoto, look no further than Issen Yoshoku, the restaurant that covers all those bases, plus, you never have to dine alone!

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Nine things that may shatter your dreams of living in Kyoto



Kyoto now welcomes 50 million tourists a year who come to experience Japan’s traditional culture and architecture, plus catch a glimpse of the city’s famed geisha. But, as anyone who lives in a tourist hot spot knows, living there is not the same as a short visit.

As such, the following is a list of some of the things that Kyoto locals probably have the urge to remind tourists of from time to time, so allow us to shatter your illusions with some of the realities that come with living in Japan’s ancient capital.

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[PICS] 140328 Kim Jaejoong left little notes and his autograph at a pojangmacha

J Y J ☆ U S A

[JYJ3 Note: Pojangmacha is typically small tented restaurants on wheels or street stalls; can be best described as “outside tent-restaurant”]

[INFO] The restaurant is 쪼가리포차(/Jjogalipocha {trans: tented restaurant A Scrap}) in Sinnonhyeon-dongIMG_9715

Oh the heavensIMG_9716

I’ll defend at any costIMG_9717

The seat where Jaejoongie sat!
Fan: [He] went to the army 4 days ago..ㅠㅠ4


Credit: Betheone_jj
Trans & Shared by: JYJ3

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