Downloadable Apps Allow You To Hide/Cover Your Digital Trail

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Sophisticated Software Apps Allow Someone to Hide/Cover Their Digital Trail

Jeremy Kirk has an article in today’s (Sept. 4, 2013 TechWorld), with the title, NSA-Resistant Android Application “Burns” Sensitive Messages. Mr. Kirk notes that Silent Circle, a company specializing in encrypted communications, is releasing a messaging application for mobile devices — today — that encrypts and securely erases messages and files. The application called Silent Text, lets users specify a time period for which the receiver can view a message, before it is erased. Silent Text then generates a new encryption key for each new message. After the message/email is sent, the encryption key is destroyed, “so that if your device is ever examined or compromised, there are no keys to be had,” according to Silent Circle co-founder Phil Zimmerman. Mr. Kirk adds that this application “also keeps the keys used to encrypt and decrypt text on the user’s…

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