Proceeding as Planned: Deportations Under Obama Plummet During Second Term

The new figures show a dramatic four-year decline in the number of deportations carried out by the Obama administration, from more than 409,000 in 2012 to just 235,000 in fiscal 2015. For the 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. who otherwise stay out of trouble, the chances of being deported are less than 1 percent, […]


Chinese illustrator sends Marvel’s Avengers to the Far East and across the sea


Many fans exercise their imagination and expand the possibilities of their fandoms with crossover fan art. We’ve seen some fantastic illustrations experimenting with art styles as well, re-imagining Game of Thrones characters in Disney animation style, and some of our favorite fairy tales revamped with a Korean twist.

Speaking of which, check out this East-meets-West mashup depicting the superheroes from the Marvel franchise as the Eight Immortals of Chinese mythology!

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02APRIL2015 [OTHER SNS] Kim Suk Jin & Kim Su Young Updates About Kim Jaejoong

J Y J ☆ U S A


[TRANS] The best gift for Jaejoong-ah that I showed to Jaejoongie at home the day before he went into the army. And the fans will always protect you. Our youngest will do well. Nuna also won’t cry right now and will wait for you with a healthy, manly image.

Love you and miss you.♡


* * *

Kim Su Young Kakao Talk Display Pic:


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Tokyo’s busiest train lines to get luxury “one-man” express pods by next April


Blueprints KOSOKU

Japan is well-known for its packed commuter trains. For decades, smartly dressed men and women have shuffled wordlessly into train cars each morning, all painfully aware that they will soon be getting up-close and personal with total strangers and have nowhere to run, hide, or even breathe freely until their stop. Glove-wearing station staff pack passengers in as tightly as they’ll go without them popping out the other side, each firm shove accompanied by a polite word or phrase thanking passengers for moving all the way inside the car or warning them to keep their various appendages clear of the (just barely) closing doors.

But earlier today, Japan was given a glimpse of a much more civilised, luxuriant commuting experience that may soon put an end to these sardine-can shenanigans. Better yet, this logistical revolution is coming soon: not twelve months from now, commuters will be able to zip into Tokyo in style, lying back in comfortable faux-leather chairs…

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