Kyoto restaurant only sells one dish, features mannequins and gets rave reviews!



In a country filled with countless ramen, udon and sushi restaurants, it can be very difficult to choose. Which one is the most delicious? The most interesting? How do you find the restaurant where you can understand everything on the menu?

If you’re in Kyoto, look no further than Issen Yoshoku, the restaurant that covers all those bases, plus, you never have to dine alone!

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Nine things that may shatter your dreams of living in Kyoto



Kyoto now welcomes 50 million tourists a year who come to experience Japan’s traditional culture and architecture, plus catch a glimpse of the city’s famed geisha. But, as anyone who lives in a tourist hot spot knows, living there is not the same as a short visit.

As such, the following is a list of some of the things that Kyoto locals probably have the urge to remind tourists of from time to time, so allow us to shatter your illusions with some of the realities that come with living in Japan’s ancient capital.

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[PICS] 140328 Kim Jaejoong left little notes and his autograph at a pojangmacha

J Y J ☆ U S A

[JYJ3 Note: Pojangmacha is typically small tented restaurants on wheels or street stalls; can be best described as “outside tent-restaurant”]

[INFO] The restaurant is 쪼가리포차(/Jjogalipocha {trans: tented restaurant A Scrap}) in Sinnonhyeon-dongIMG_9715

Oh the heavensIMG_9716

I’ll defend at any costIMG_9717

The seat where Jaejoongie sat!
Fan: [He] went to the army 4 days ago..ㅠㅠ4


Credit: Betheone_jj
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[HQ PICS] 130913 2014 Incheon Asian Games Blog: The last still cuts of JYJ before MV release


The last still cuts of JYJ during shooting the MV of Incheon Asian Games’ song “Only One” has been released.

Incheon Asian Games PR song “Only One” by the K-pop Big Star, JYJ is going to be released on 16th of September, 2013. JYJ has been actively done their part as a goodwill ambassador of 2014 Incheon Asian Games. Many fans of JYJ have been waiting for their new music video.

For this time, they have shown their close relationships as a team.

And also, the happy faces during the shooting.


‘Only One’ Album Jacket!

Credits:IAG Blog + jyjnormally
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Golden Rice Field Reappears in Hong Kong After 50 years

pundit from another planet

稻米成熟時,引來大量禾花雀的掠奪,驅之不去。消失50年重現香江 黃金稻田大秋收

As debates continues surrounding the North East New Territories Development (NENTD) plan, a flower grower in Shek Wu Wai in San Tin, Yuen Long started a “revolution”! He utilised the months long resting period of his farmland and successfully grew his first ever round of rice, bringing back the golden rice field back to Yuen Long, an area which was famous for rice and fish farms. This over 60-year-old farmer is hosting a harvesting event on 15th September, and recruiting volunteers to harvest and mill the grains. The majority of the harvest will be donated to elderly, as the farmer wanted to contribute to the society at which his neighbours once helped him when he was a boy. He also wishes this experience can teach the younger generations how to cherish food.

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“Jackass” Joke about Vladimir Putin Went Viral

“Jackass” Joke about Vladimir Putin Went Viral

“Collective unconsciousness spoke through President Obama’s voice calling Russian President, Vladimir Putin, a “Jackass.” And though the actual name-calling never happened, it could not change the fact: the joke looked very real, and people bought it.

The whole story was introduced to the public by a satiric columnist of New Yorker magazine, Andy Borowitz, and depicted his wildest dreams about what should have happened at the end of G20. He played so well with the unconscious mind that everybody believed it. No, really, can you imagine Obama calling David Cameron a “Jackass?” No way. But Mr.Putin – easy.

Talking about the collective mind of the world, according to the survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, among 39 nations, a favorable view of Russia has slipped compared to 2007 and now is expressed by just 36% of respondents versus 39% who view Russia unfavorably. And who is representing Russia most for all these respondents on the international arena? Mr.Putin of course, the Russian President.

The line has been crossed many times before, but this time it may have been overdone.

If President Putin can publicly call his opponents on the Syrian issue “utter nonsense” -if you translate it in a polite diplomatic way, or “absolute stupidity” in actual Russian (“dur’ nesusvetnaya”), then after all, why can’t others do the same and call him names?

Putin openly and wrongly called the USA Secretary of State John Kerry, a liar over his Congress testimony just few days before the G20 summit. Kerry, who met with Mr.Putin a few times before, on his last meeting was kept waiting for the Russian President for three hours. He had decided not to attend the G20 summit, offended by the accusations.

Speaker of the House, John Boehner, also declined a proposal to meet the Russian lawmakers in Washington because of the situation in Syria.

Senator McCain blamed President Obama for underestimating Putin’s true intentions and on his own accord called the Russian President a thief, asking to give back the Super Bowl Ring taken from rightful owner Robert Kraft.

The story of the ring went viral just this year; although, Mr. Kraft lost his Super Bowl Ring during a meeting with Vladimir Putin in 2005. As he describes the scene, after he proudly showed the ring to the Russian President the admirer simply put it in his pocket pretending it was a present. Mr.Kraft was too shocked to contradict.


Ring-650x433The “thief” accusations, though very strong and questionable, was not completely out of the Russian President’s league. He is well known in his country for his sharp criminal-like slang. He wanted it to be “done in the urinal” to Chechen rebels whom he a priori called terrorists. He once offered to circumcise a French journalist who was asking questions about eradicating civilians in Chechnya; and Putin publicly praised the sexual prowess of an Israeli president Moshe Katsav, accused of rape.

French journalist: … Don’t you think that by trying to eradicate terrorism in Chechnya you are going to eradicate the civilian population of Chechnya?
Vladimir Putin: If you want to become an Islamic fundamentalist and be circumcised, come to Moscow. We are multiconfessional. We have very good specialists. I can recommend one for the operation. He’ll make sure nothing grows back.
Once asked, Vladimir Putin explained his colorful language, saying that when he was young he preferred drinking beer to studying. He also admitted being involved in street gang activities in his childhood years.

If his rebel past still haunts him, than “Jackass” might have actually worked. It would have been a compete diplomatic disaster for President Obama if true, but paradoxically it might have been the indication of the only language President Putin is able to understand – the language of rude dominance.

Even if the word was not said, many silently thought the same. Like “If you think I’m the only one who feels this way, you’re kidding yourself” as Andy Borowitz put it. His joke might really be the talk of the week because it sounded very real. And if you ask me, President Putin asked for it.”

By Alsu Salakhutdinov


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Francis Really Is the Hipster Pope

Francis Really Is the Hipster Pope

“Pope Francis made history on Wednesday and became the first head of the Catholic Church in history to pose for a selfie, doing so with a bunch of Italian teens from the Italian Diocese of Piacenza and Bobbio. Those 500 teens were treated to a special audience with Pope Francis. It is unconfirmed if he had anything to say about twerking during the conversation.

In all seriousness, it’s cool to see Pope Francis have a little fun; this selfie is one more piece of evidence that Francis is a pope to whom young people can relate. Usually, popes have a reputation for being stodgy, but in recent months, Francis has broken that mold by coming out in support of LGBT people, discussing how the church should be more accepting to women, and offering up indulgences via Twitter.

The only question that remains is, when are we going to see a Vine from the Sistine Chapel? ”
Source: ABAD-SANTOS AUG 29, 2013