30August2013[FANART] 3 Year Anniversary of Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Today is August 30, 2013.  3 years ago today, Yuchun’s FIRST drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal aired its FIRST episode on Korean television channel KBS2.  Let’s take a look at the collection of fancy and talented artwork from fans all around the world.  Enjoy!!^^

89996918962635viewimagephphskk9904979cutefrabipolis908217907148903400fanartcffsdfdshqdefaultsungkyunkwan_scandal_by_maygreen-d33d0aqcrochet___sungkyunkwan_scandal___cast_by_swallowtt-d4mmu66kim-jae-joong-sungkyunkwan-scandal-episode-kolorful-palette-430788micky_yoochun___sungkyunkwan_scandal_by_juliethchanxd-d4h8qv8cbadge_skks_lsungkyunkwan-scandal-1191226250892b03ab08d655738b6522jksdfjsdklfdfsdsungkyunkwan_scandal___garang_by_dikae19-d3kunv1dsfjsdkgjfsdfsdfdSungkyunkwan Scandal -1680x1050-sungkyunkwan-scandal-3fdsfindexSungkyunkwan-ScandalSungkyunkwan-Scandal-korean-dramas-32447623-1280-720sungkyunkwan-scandal-official-wallpaper-skk-scandal-wallpaper

Source: All pic cr as tagged

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