Kim Junsu appeared on Yonhap’s News Y

[VIDEO] 130720 Kim Junsu appeared on Yonhap’s News Y


*Korea concert will have live band & the american dance team
*JS: Always thankful for my fans’ support. Talked about how overseas fans also sing along to Korean lyrics
*Memorable fans? “No matter which country I go to, they will sing along with my Korean lyrics, and they will scream out in Korean”
*“I think I must work harder seeing that they show me their most sincere smiles”
*Introducing Incredible. Wide range of genres covered in this album. Incredible is a summer song.
*Introducing his American activities! Talking about Uncommitted
*“Before looking too far into the future, I worked hard on my current album. However, I will work hard in the future”
*“Musicals are always different. For concerts, it’s okay if I just do well myself” but it’s different for musicals
*“I’m enjoying my Asia Tour”
*Announcer: YC & JJ are doing lots of acting activities
*JS: “It’s not that I don’t have interest in acting. I still have a lot to learn about musicals, so I want to work harder in that. Plus the other 2 are doing well. If later on there is a matching role, I may consider it”
*10 years of being a singer: As a singer, I’m very happy. But it’s been 4 years since I’ve been unable to go on broadcasts.
Plus it’s hard for my content to be seen.” (Then he talked about overseas concerts and that he is happy about overseas fans)
*People who have been sources of strengths for you: My staff, my family, my supportive fans, and my fans. Everything is thanks to my fans
*I can’t always express my thanks to my fans, but I think that showing my best side on the stage is my way of repaying them.
“If there are fans who are waiting for me, I will definitely keep working.”
*Announcer: After seeing you today, I know why fans love you T_T
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