Narcissists Have Two Very Distinct Groups of People in their Lives

After Narcissistic Abuse



The Ones that don’t know them (those that love them) and those that KNOW THEM (and can’t stand them).

Talking to another victim of the narcissist that abused me last evening made me realize a few things about narcissists and their 2 very opposing camps of people in their lives. 

The narcissist guards these camps like a prison guard. Making sure that the two camps have NO INTERACTION. Theyll build a wall so high that the dupe won’t see past it: the other camp is described by the narcissist as “crazy, bitter, revengeful, jealous, harmed the narcissist and still wants to harm them.” The tales they’ll spin to build that wall, is unbeknownst to the new target, a PRISON that will soon cause them to feel trapped and lifeless.

The narcissist knows with dire fear, that their gig is up if the duped person begins to believe…

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Childhood trauma leads to lifelong chronic illness — so why isn’t the medical community helping patients?

ACEs Too High

ADonnaDadWhen I was twelve, I was coming home from swimming at my neighbor’s dock when I saw an ambulance’s flashing lights in our driveway. I still remember the asphalt burning my feet as I stood, paralyzed, and watched the paramedics take away my father. It was as if I knew those flashing lights were a harbinger that my childhood was over.

At the hospital, a surgeon performed “minor” elective bowel surgery on my young dad. The surgeon made an error, and instead of my father coming home to the “welcome home” banners we’d painted, he died.

The medical care system failed my father miserably. Then the medical care system began to fail me.

At fourteen, I started fainting. The doctors implied I was trying to garner attention. In college I began having full seizures. I kept them to myself, fearful of seeming a modern Camille. I’d awaken on the floor drenched…

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Kim Jae Joong – Don’t Walk Away (feat. Jun Hyung of B2ST)

♪Tune Up♪

coverKim Jae Joong – WWW: Who, When, Why



01 Light

02 Don’t Walk Away (feat. Jun Hyung of B2ST)

03 Just Another Girl
04 Butterfly
05 Rotten Love
06 Sunny Day (feat. Lee Sang Gon of Noel)
07 Let The Rhythm Flow
08 It Is
09 Now Is Good
10 9+1#
11 Luvholic (feat. Ha Dong Gyun)
12 Modem Beat
13 Paradise

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Train To Busan; When Human Deals With ‘Human’


The thriller-long awaited movie from South Korea has finally arrived in Indonesia. Train To Busan (Busan haeng/부산행) is one of the masterpiece which will make you stick your eyes to the screen even from the very beginning of the movie.

Directed by Yeon Sang Ho, Train To Busan promises you the exhilarating moments with a good plot, good story, great cast, and great lesson of life. The story get intense in no time, do not blink or you’ll miss the story. When you got immersed with the scare of zombies, Train To Busan slips a bit of laugh where you can relax a bit from watching them running away from the zombies. But once you go through another scene, it can flips you to the saddest part and have a watery eyes.

I personally in awe with the cinematography, it succeed gaining a “wow” from every audiences during the premiere…

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Japanese female comedians go old-school in Ghostbusters cover that’s faithful to 1984 original — RocketNews24

They ain’t afraid of no 22-year-old arrangements. With roughly two weeks to go until its U.S. premiere, the Ghostbusters reboot remains a divisive film in the West, with most of its detractors citing casting differences from the 1984 original or stale comedy in the new film’s trailers as the reasons for their preemptive disappointment. Meanwhile,…

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