[POLL + SPAZZ] 150410 Battle of the K-Pop Fashionistas – #1 Kim Jaejoong

J Y J ☆ U S A

If you search online for the definition of a fashionista, you will generally find something like “a person who obsessively follows trends in the fashion industry and strives continually to adopt the latest fashions.” If you ask a true fashionista though, they will tell you they seek to set trends, not follow them. While K-pop is definitely full of lovers of fashion, there are a few specific idols who have earned themselves the title of “fashionista.” Their looks range from classic to crazy, but which one is best? You decide in“VOTE: Battle of the K-Pop Fashionistas.”


Although there are more fashion-lovers out there in the world of K-pop, these are some of the ones who are known as true fashionistas. Which one has the best style? Which one is your favorite? You can choose up to three people, so cast your vote below!1

Credit: Soompi

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[SPAZZ] K-Pop Fashionista…

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