Malaysia Air Flight 370. One flight attendants thoughts


The thoughts in this piece are mine. I can not speak for others.

For all flight attendants, their first and most important duties are safety. Safety first. It’s drilled into our heads from the first day of training and every day at work. We take safety to heart. It keeps us vigilant
It is so ingrained in us that we protect the flight deck with the ferociousness of a lion over their pride. We will put our lives on the line to stop an attempted breach of the flight deck. Every flight attendant, from any airline, that I’ve talked to tells me the same thing. “Over my dead body is anyone getting into the flight deck” This is a relative new way of thinking, sadly brought on by 911.

The tightness of the flight attendant community transcends language barriers. It breaks through lifestyle choices, religions, age, and cultures. It bonds…

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