World Wide Web Turns 25 and Other Fascinating News on the Web


  1. This is 25

    With the World Wide Web on the cusp of its 25th birthday, Pew took a look at how we feel about it. About 87% of American adults use the Internet and most of us think it’s a pretty good thing that has strengthened our personal relationships. And here’s the most surprising finding: About three-quarters of those surveyed have found that people on the Internet are mostly kind to one another.

    + Quartz: “Survey respondents who have landline phones still thought that their home phones would be harder to give up than social media.” (Makes sense. No one ever tried to share a funny cat video over your landline.)

    + About five minutes after the advent of the web, people started trying to sell stuff on it. And today, online shopping is big. Really big. Unless you compare it to offline shopping.

    + Over…

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