VIDEO: Angry Dennis Rodman, Diplomat To North Korea, Calls Obama And Hillary ‘A**holes’

“Dennis Rodman, fresh from visiting his best friend Kim Jong Un in North Korea, had an angry exchange with members of the media when asked about Kenneth Bae, the imprisoned American missionary.

After being pressed about whether he talked to Kim about it, Rodman angrily shouted, “Ask Obama about that! Ask Hillary! Ask those a**holes!”

Minutes later, he called Kim Jong Un his friend. Quite a contrast!

It looks like “the worm” won’t even try to help Ken Bae gain his freedom from the “Hermit Kingdom.”

In both reports by CNN and Reuters, Rodman’s expletive is obscured. In the CNN official video, the reporter’s voice over begins as he starts yelling, and in Reuters’ video they quickly cut away right as he launches into the insults.

The video posted above is the raw footage posted on CNN’s youtube channel.”

So what’s the point of obscuring the slur? To protect their idols?


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