Francis Really Is the Hipster Pope

Francis Really Is the Hipster Pope

“Pope Francis made history on Wednesday and became the first head of the Catholic Church in history to pose for a selfie, doing so with a bunch of Italian teens from the Italian Diocese of Piacenza and Bobbio. Those 500 teens were treated to a special audience with Pope Francis. It is unconfirmed if he had anything to say about twerking during the conversation.

In all seriousness, it’s cool to see Pope Francis have a little fun; this selfie is one more piece of evidence that Francis is a pope to whom young people can relate. Usually, popes have a reputation for being stodgy, but in recent months, Francis has broken that mold by coming out in support of LGBT people, discussing how the church should be more accepting to women, and offering up indulgences via Twitter.

The only question that remains is, when are we going to see a Vine from the Sistine Chapel? ”
Source: ABAD-SANTOS AUG 29, 2013


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