You Are Now Less Dumb: Blogger David McRaney on Scoring the Second Book Deal

Interesting read… So I will.

The Blog

dmc4David McRaney’s Blog, You Are Not So Smart, led to a book of the same name, published in October 2011 — a book that became a bestseller in 13 languages (we profiled him here when the book was first announced).

A follow-up volume, aptly titled You Are Now Less Dumb, hit bookshelves yesterday. Learn more about the book, the blog, and how David connects the dots between them — and how being less dumb has affected his life and work.

What was the response to the first book?

you are not so smartIt was . . . overwhelming. A whole new audience saw the book in stores from coast to coast and came to the blog. They shared links and started tweeting and putting posts on Facebook. That led to another wave of people checking out the book, and so on, and it kept spiraling.

Soon, I was getting emails from around the world, from…

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